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Benseron IT - Bevo POS System

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Established in 2004, Benseron Information Technologies, Inc., developers of the Bevo POS system is a direct manufacturer of restaurant POS systems and software applications that streamline operations to help thousands of customers reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Intuitive understanding of the restaurant business and the ability to convert that understanding into technological intelligence has set Benseron apart from other companies in the industry. Benseron introduced the first hybrid restaurant POS system in the industry - Bevo POS. The Bevo POS system provides the most advanced restaurant Point of Sale system available in the industry.

The system is designed to work with small and large businesses, including franchises, quick service and fine dining restaurants, bars and clubs, yogurt and coffee shops, food trucks, retails stores, pizza shops, bakeries and stadium concessions. Bevo is also designed to meet the unique high-pressure demands and extensive data analytics of the franchisee and franchisor with single and multi-store needs and the ability to grow indefinitely. From specific details about employee performance to vital customer information, Bevo analytics offer restaurant owners an unprecedented depth and fine details of the operation so they can see where they are making and losing money. It also integrates with gift cards, loyalty programs and accounting software. Bevo offers users a master-list of unprecedented components and functionality that come standard with the system, as well as, specialty upgrades when needed. With over 90 comprehensive reports and advanced service integration possibilities, Bevo POS offers real-time reporting and online ordering to create business management capabilities that enrich the restaurant software beyond the standard POS.

Bevo POS, is fully redundant cross-platform POS system in the industry. All terminals communicate with one another within the network and with the cloud, real-time, so every machine is always current, store-wide. If one machine freezes, all others continue to operate normally including all pending transactions. No down-time, no restarting.

Bevo is a masterful system that is simple, flexible, secure, EMV integrated, cloud ready, redundant, mobile, robust, efficient, customizable, and economical. In response to the liability for counterfeit credit card transactions shifting to business owners in October 2015, Bevo POS will be ready to take EMV cards table side before the liability shift happens. Currently, Bevo POS is integrated with EMV, NFC and Apple Pay on its Charisma POS System.

Bevo POS technical support is available 24/7 via phone and email for your convenience, and includes over-night “Hot Swap” system replacement if necessary. Support is offered with unprecedented service standards that is provided by the full-time software development team who designed Bevo POS.

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